When a mockingbird dies

Authors: Nina R. (Author)
In a kingdom lead by oppression, a glimmer of hope step between a tyrant and the most rebellious of his subjects, condemned to unpredictable destiny for both. Friendship, rebellion, conspiracy, fight, love, romance, a different story where nothing is what it seems.

World of Witchcraft

Authors: Arya fae (Story)
Adventures story in a fantasy land. Or that is not really like that? What happens when the stories come from the imagination?

Beyond Science

Authors: Jaime García Marsá (Story), Nina R. (Art)
In the not too distant future where mankind explores the stars, an unusual team of scientists is meeting with a still unknown mission.

Mahou no Akane chan

Authors: Arya fae (Story), Nina R. (Art)
Akane chan is a girl with a very special secret. This comic is intended for those who want to start from a basic Japanese level.

No Smoking

Authors: Jennifer Gallagher (Author)
No Smoking is about a cigarette executive named Cam Winsten whose family has been in the tobacco business since the 1700’s. The young executive does not think twice about the effects cigarettes have on people’s health not until he meets a young doctor named Cy Maxwell who lost his mother to lung cancer. Because of the death of his mother the young doctor becomes a leading researcher for a cure for cancer. He has written a book on the affects on smoking and its link to cancer. The young doctor joins to fanatical no smoking group and through this group he meets the young cigarette executive and the sparks start flying.

Trans Girl Project

Authors: Arya fae (Author)
A comic about the daily life and fantasies of an asexual trans girl.

Warrior and Wizard

Authors: Jaime García Marsá (Author), Arya fae (Art)
Hechicera busca "voluntaria" para probar uno de sus nuevos hechizos.